The story starts from papers & roach card.Tastedzbudz story began with a bunch of friends taking a trip to Amsterdam to let their inner stoners be set free, no better feeling then comfortably chilling with your friends inside a coffee shop drinking some chocomel or an unseen flavour of fanta.Our logo and design come from our brand name, our name comes from a mix on a funny meme at the time of it’s creation with the catchphrase "Dz Nutz".Then becoming Dz Budz, to crafting together the name Tastedzbudz.After thoughts on turning a little idea into a small business we started off with a bookshelf containing 2 shelves of freshly ordered stock in our living room.  Offering friends and family great deals on products they wanted and at an even greater convenience.The ideas just kept flowing stickers, our own merchandise, finding the right wholesaler.  Starting a shop selling rolling trays, bongs, papers & roach booklets to our friends from the space of our own home.

Expanding our customers online via social media and getting interest on Instagram and Ebay made us want to be even more different to every other new brand or head shop, so we started to find beautiful, abandoned, weird and wonderful locations to compliment our clothing brand, as well as take our customers on a little journey with us through the beauty in the world of the forgotten and abandoned.We don't just want to achieve great customer service we want your decision of being our customers to be a no brainer by showing you we are one of a kind.  We aim to be the best, kindest we can be.  We put the most care into ever single one of our sales.